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  • Video|Relationship between LED Screen Pixel pitch and Viewing Effect

    For lots people, it's not so easy and clear to know what's the relationship between pixel pitch and viewing effect of a led screen. Generally speaking, the smaller pixel pitch, the higher resolution in the same area, the better and clear image shows if you stand in the same distance. Still in confuse? See below video for a visual understanding of this question.

  • Notice for Looking a New LED Screen

    What Will You Pay Attention To When Looking For New LED Screen? Nowadays, LED screen are fast replacing LCDs, which is indeed a hint at the redefining ways of technology. Here we point ..

  • How to reduce LED display light attenuation?

    The light attenuation always is the maintenance problem on the large LED display and dot matrix display, in addition to use air conditioning

  • ESI Design Rings Up at the Cash Register Building

    ESI for Wells Fargo The most eye-catching building on the Denver skyline, the Wells Fargo Center, has become even more distinct, thanks to a stunning makeover by the Manhattan-based experiential desi..

  • Highest-resolution led display in Time Square

    ​A monster LED screen manufactured by SNA Displays is now the highest-resolution display in the history of Times Square.

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