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  • P2.5 High Quality Indoor LED Display

    P2.5 indoor rental high resolution HD led video wall

  • P8 Outdoor LED Mesh in Jakarta Indonesia

    P8 Raster series LED Mesh screen installed in Jakarta, Indonesia, total 24sqm for a government project. Fully waterproof design, anti bad weather in Indonesia; Low power consumption; Super high brightness, keep high brightness in long years; Super light weight, no need strong steel structure; Easy and fast installation; Labor saving; etc. Contact us for customized solution and offer.

  • P4 Indoor Meeting Room LED Video Wall Indonesia

    This P4 indoor meeting room led video wall was installed in Jakarta, Indonesia for a government project. High resolution; Economy solution; Magnet front service; Low shipping cost; Easy to install; DIY in location Contact us for more details

  • 3D Hologran Fan Display with Protect Dome

    3D hologram fan displays with protective dome for tencent ads

  • The smallest outdoor front service led module P8 64x64mm letter screen

    We made the smallest module (64x64mm P8 front service) in the market for creative irregular led screens. With this small module, you can easily realize your design of cylinder, pole, letter, wave, etc shapes, FOR OUTDOOR USE.

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